5 Ways To Market Your Mobile App

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The mobile app market is more saturated than ever and it can be increasingly difficult to get your app seen and downloaded. We’ve talked about using SEO to increase app downloads but you’ll need more than that to really succeed in the mobile market. Here are five ways you can market your mobile app.

Social media advertising

Facebook and Twitter have ad campaign goals specifically aimed at marketing your mobile app. Users can download your app directly from the ad on their smart phone. Also, with Facebook’s sophisticated ad targeting, you can make sure you are targeting your perfect audience at the perfect time!

2. Pitching to review sites or blogs

It might seem a bit “old school” but some good old fashioned PR still applies today. There are many tech sites or specialized blogs that have huge followings and are verified experts in their industries that review apps or new products. Create a great pitch or work with a PR agency to reach out to industry influencers.

3. Leverage channels you are already using

Use the tools you already have in your in marketing toolkit to market your app. For example, if you blog, write a blog about your app and add links to download in all of your blog post. If you have an email list, blast an email about your app and keep links to download your app in all of your outgoing newsletters.

4. Promote your app at an event

Events are excellent ways to market your apps because it puts you in the face of possible users and allows you to demo and explain your app to a live audience. You’ll be able to get feedback on what they like about the app and what they’re looking for an app to help shape your marketing materials.

5. Create hype

Apps pick up lots of hype and traction these days and if you want to tap into that hype, you have to spread the word. Ask trusted friends, colleagues and family to download your app and start reviewing it. Create a launch plan that includes PR and advertising to attract the audience of bigger outlets.

Like everything else, there is no silver bullet to app marketing but by using different tactics and strategies, you can find the right mix to market your app!

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