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Maybe you haven’t thought about having an online presence until the pandemic struck.  You did most of your sales by word of mouth or by other means that were not online.  However, you have realized that an online presence is certainly necessary and will help you with bringing in more leads, sales, and work.  It doesn’t matter if you are a local contractor or a brick and mortar store.  Having an online presence means that it doesn’t matter what is going on it your corner of the world, you are available to all corners.  Online presence doesn’t close at 5 pm and is there for anyone that is looking for your products and service.  Don’t think that it is a complicated process either, it actually not, as long as you go with the professionals.

Of course, you can build your website on your own as well.  And, we don’t discourage this at all.  Some people actually like designing and building websites.  Clearly we offer this service and are professionals but if you want to take a crack at it, we do have some words of advice.  

1. WordPress

You do not want to build your website on one of those “build your own website” builders you see advertised everywhere.  While they do make really pretty sites, they are very clunky when it comes to the coding and thus harder to rank.  We are not saying they are impossible, but if you are going to try this on your own, why would you want to choose a platform that will make things more difficult?  

2. Study SEO

Before you begin building your site, be sure to study up on what they call On-Page SEO, this will give you a leg up when you get to the point the site is ready and you need to rank it.  On-page SEO is about your content, image optimization, and internal linking.  Basically it is everything that you do on your website to help with the rankings of the site.  There are many small points, so don’t get overwhelmed but look into it.

3. Branding

Think about the branding of your website.  Things such as the logo design and colors are important to follow through with what you currently have.  If you are a brick and mortar shop then you probably have a name and a brand.  Your URL should be your company’s name or what people would look for when looking for your company online.  This helps your clients come to trust that your site is, in fact, your site.  Put pictures of your shop on it and be sure to include things that are going on inside your store.  Should you have special sales, this is helpful as well.  Having a sale page where your sales are posted will bring in traffic to the store.

4. Social Media  

Set up your social media right away and link it to your website.  This will give you a way to reach out to your audience.   Be sure that you post often on your social media about topics that your customers would find helpful.  Also, posting your sales is important as well.  

Of course, if you don’t want to tackle this all on your own, we are here to help at any step of the way.  We want to see more businesses succeed at being online.  Give us a call and we will be happy to assist with your current needs.


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