Case Study: Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

The Customer Lexi’s Clean Living is a food and lifestyle blog developed by Lexi, with the goal of helping the readers to adopt a healthier lifestyle in a simple, fun, and rewarding way through sharing of content on delicious and clean recipes and wellness. The blog provides great resources for anyone looking to create a […]

Influencer Marketing: 6 Questions To Ask Before Investing


Influencer marketing has become increasingly popular with businesses and brands over the past few years.  In fact, it hasn’t just become increasingly popular over the past few years, it’s actually the fastest-growing customer acquisition channel. This, of course, speaks for itself as there also many other great marketing channels. However, just like with any other […]

About Your Online Presence…

Maybe you haven’t thought about having an online presence until the pandemic struck.  You did most of your sales by word of mouth or by other means that were not online.  However, you have realized that an online presence is certainly necessary and will help you with bringing in more leads, sales, and work.  It […]

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate

Well, you did it!  You started your first website.  You had it professionally built and even had some SEO done to it.  The traffic is starting to show up, but where are the sales?   This seems to happen from time to time.  People do everything right, they have a great product or service and they […]

Why is it important to post regularly to your blog?


Have you ever thought about putting a blog on your website?  Not sure what you’d talk about?  Maybe you don’t even know where to start.  Blogs can mean different things for different people.  Some people think of blogs as “news” or what is happening in their industry right now, as we speak.  Others use their […]

Why is SEO needed for my website?


Once you have a website, you need SEO which means search engine optimization.  This is a service that helps get your website to rank in the search engines.  What this means is that you don’t just have a website out there somewhere in space.  It will actually be on page one where people are looking.  […]

Local Business Website Design

Local business website design is perfect for drawing in new customers, clients, and patients. Your local website design should be easy to navigate and in the colors of your brand.  Don’t have a brand yet?  Well, that would be a great place to start.  What are you going to call your business?  What is important […]

E-Commerce Websites

Ecommerce is about selling products online.  It is pretty simple if you currently have a brick and mortar store to transition and sell not only in your store but online as well.   However, if you don’t currently have a store but you like the idea of selling products online, then stick around. We work […]

Case Study: Long Island Weekly

The Customer Long Island Weekly (LIW) is an arts and entertainment publication based in Nassau County, NY. The flagship product of Anton Media Group’s portfolio of 16 community newspapers, numerous special-interest inserts, and several annual glossy magazines, LIW highlights what’s current in music, television, film, theater, books, dining, recreation, and sports on a local, New […]

Using Copy On Social Networks: Tips, Examples And Our Template

Do you think that having a large community on social networks is a matter of buying followers? Let me tell you something, there are NO magic formulas to suddenly grow in followers, only valuable content can lead to success. To create quality content, not everything is in the correct spelling; to communicate and connect, you […]