Instagram Introduces New Features for Business

Instagram, the photo sharing social media app, recently announced new and improved tools for businesses using the app. Yesterday, Instagram announced a number of new features that will let businesses get a better idea of what posts are working. One of these features is a business dashboard built into the mobile app where businesses will […]

360 Degree Videos and Photos Coming to Facebook

Facebook announced it is enabling the ability to post and view 360 degree photos to its Newsfeed. Facebook announced last September that they would enable 360 degree videos and just debuted their first live-action video called Here and Now featuring New York’s Grand Central Station last week. The videos and photos will be viewable on […]

Facebook Enhances Retargeting Capabilities

Two years ago, Facebook began to allow brands and businesses to retarget people who had visited their websites and mobile apps. Facebook just announced added features to their retargeting tools that will allow brands to retarget to people based on specific actions they took on a brand’s site or app. Now instead of just targeting […]

It’s Time To Make Your Website Mobile Friendly, According to Google

Last April, the so-called “Mobilegeddon” hit the search world. Google made algorithm changes so that websites that were mobile friendly ranked higher in search results than websites that were not mobile friendly. While many websites responded to Google’s call to create a mobile friendly site, not all did, and some say the impact of “Mobilegeddon” […]

How To Rank In Local Search

Local SEO is always a little bit of a mystery. Google has always had its own rules and signals for local search and it can be confusing to know what to focus on or why it’s even important to rank in local search. According to a report by Google, 50% of consumers who conducted a […]

The Future of Video: 360 Degree Videos

Last March YouTube launched prerecorded 360 degree videos which allow viewers to scroll and have a full field of view rather than the usual stationary 16:9 look. Now Google is allowing the ability to live stream 360 degree videos directly onto YouTube. To see an example of 360 degree videos, watch this video. Google has […]

Will Facebook Messenger Become The Only App You Use

At its annual developers conference this week, Facebook announced the Bots for Messenger project, which has been hinted about for months. Developers will be able to create bots that will automatically interact with customers. Chat bots are chat robots, interactive software powered by artificial intelligence that are designed to simulate human conversation. Facebook’s goal is […]

Apple Pay Expanding To Mobile Websites

Apple Pay, Apple’s payment service that allows shoppers to complete a purchase on mobile apps with their fingerprint instead of their credit card details is expanding from only being available in apps to being available in mobile websites by the end of the year. A recent report says that Apple is predicting this tool will […]

Top Tips for Filming Great Videos on Your iPhone

The strength of video, particularly in the social media space, continues to grow. While Facebook has continued to point out that they are prioritizing video with their roll out of Facebook Live and video ads, Instagram also joined in on the video trend yesterday. Instagram rolled out an upgrade allowing all users to be able […]

The Power of Live Streaming (And Why You Need To Know About It)

Live streaming has hit the marketing world full force and the experts are predicting that it will only increase in its popularity and its marketing power. You might be wondering what is live streaming and how can it help your business? Live streaming apps allow users to live stream videos to their audiences. They are […]