Your business is throwing away

Do you know what your conversion rate is?

Most people don’t have a clue, that’s where I come in…

So, what's the big deal with Conversion Rates anyway?

I’d argue that your conversion rate is the  SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT METRIC  for you to understand about your website.

Your conversion rate is a measurement of what percentage of your traffic completed an intended goal, so if 100 people land on your website, and 2 people buy your product, you have a 2% conversion rate.

Simple enough right?

But here's the problem...​

If you’re like 80% of website owners you probably have no idea what your current conversion rate is.

You build a website that you liked the look of and then just hoped it worked.

Sounds terrible when you put it that way right?

Then you spent all this time and money working on your social media, your SEO, and your ads to drive traffic to your site because more traffic means more sales right?


 Higher Conversion Rate = More Sales 

Let me show you an easy example…

Which bucket do you want?

Both of the buckets below are getting the exact same amount of traffic, but only one of them has been optimized to convert & keep that traffic.

The other one is  leaking sales…   😱

So which bucket is your business?

It should be pretty obvious that you want to be the conversion optimized bucket, so you can get and keep as many sales as possible coming into your website.

Sounds pretty straightforward, but there’s a little more to it.

A typical website has about a 2.35% conversion rate, while the top 25% of websites that have been optimized are 5.31% or better!

 A less than 2% increase in conversion rate can double your sales 

Don’t you want to double your sales from the same traffic?

Of course you do, but how?

The optimization process, explained

Optimizing a website for conversion rate is an  intense undertaking.  The process generally involves…

It’s a long term commitment that requires months of dedication.

 But the reward is worth it.