Conversion Rate Optimization

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Well, you did it!  You started your first website.  You had it professionally built and even had some SEO done to it.  The traffic is starting to show up, but where are the sales?  

This seems to happen from time to time.  People do everything right, they have a great product or service and they got the SEO done right and have traffic coming in.   But, there aren’t any sales!   This is called your conversion rate.  The number of sales to the number of people that are coming to your website. 

The conversion rate can be affected by many things.  It could be something as simple as the colors but also the location of the buttons or how your site is set up, the flow of the site. 

When this happens it can certainly be very frustrating.  However, there are tools that we can use to track what your customers are clicking on and where they are pausing or getting stuck.  This very valuable information can help determine if we need to move some buttons around or what exactly is going on.  

Some tips for you to explore conversion problems on your own. 

If you are selling products, be sure that you have all the pertinent information about the product in an easy to read manner.  You need the size, the color options, and a very clear and nice picture of the product as well.  Have some friends go in blindly and give their opinion.  This isn’t something that would take a lot of time but it is real live help.  Maybe nobody can figure out how to put something into the shopping cart.  Or, when they do put together a shopping cart, they cannot find it to check out.  These are very serious and real problems that we have seen on e-commerce websites.  

Other small things you need to check is your shipping policy and return policy.  Whatever they happen to be, be sure that you have it stated clearly and is easy to find.  People want to know how long the shipping is going to take and how you are shipping.  There are a lot of dropshipping websites out there that have longer than expected shipping times.  For some, this is okay, however, for others this can be very frustrating, so be upfront and honest about this.  

What about the various screen sizes?

Check your website on different devices and screen sizes.  You want to be sure that it displays well on phones, computers, and tablets.  Sometimes there is a glitch in the design and it takes a lot of scrolling to get to the actual product that you are selling on the smaller screens. This can be the cause a heavy bounce rate.  Be sure that your website design isn’t getting in the way of selling your products and services.

Of course, you also want to have something that is easy to navigate and understand.  Be sure that your menus are easy to find on all devices and are obvious.  

If you have done all of this or simply don’t have the time to do it, we are here to help.  We offer conversion rate optimization services that will analyze your site and optimize it for better conversions.  This can be very critical to your ROI of marketing campaigns.  Let us help you and take a look today.


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