Demystifying SEO For Food Bloggers

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Through the years, we’ve built a great reputation among various food blogger communities, and as part of that we often wind up getting hit with the same question over and over again…how can I improve my food blog SEO?  Well, we decided it was about time to answer that question once and for all by putting together the definitive guide to SEO for Food Bloggers.

Although our SEO techniques, for the most part, are pretty similar regardless of the niche, there are certainly a few specific challenges food bloggers face when it comes to properly performing their SEO, most specifically having to do with formatting their recipes correctly and being found in a sea of people all making the same foods.

While the guide we wrote does a good job at identifying a lot of the high-level issues that most food bloggers will face and some ideas to overcome them, it really just scratches the surface for what SEO for a food blog really looks like.  Because of this, we’ve also partnered with Simple Recipe Pro to provide all of their users personalized SEO reports that are hand curated to provide deep and actionable insights you would never be able to identify with an automated tool.

If you have a food blog, are thinking about starting one, or just are curious about how to optimize a food blog for SEO, then head over to and check it out!

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