Introducing Simple Recipe Pro – A Recipe Plugin For Food Bloggers

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We’re excited to announce the upcoming launch of our newest wordpress plugin, Simple Recipe Pro.

Since we deal with so many food bloggers on a day to day basis, we also deal with the same frustrations they do, recipe plugins that are either too complicated, offer no support, or provide limited customization, and so we decided that instead of just trying to fix everyone else’s mistakes, why don’t we just change the game entirely by building our own recipe plugin and loading it chock full of all the awesome features and support you would come to expect from J. Louis.

We’re talking about truly custom styling, advanced recipe grids, 24/7 support, social sharing, seo support and so so much more, all bundled into one easy to use, intuitive platform designed from the ground up to make operating a food blog simple, as it should be.

For more information on Simple Recipe Pro, you can download the recipe plugin or view a sample on Lexi’s Clean Kitchen now.

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