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Local business website design is perfect for drawing in new customers, clients, and patients. Your local website design should be easy to navigate and in the colors of your brand.  Don’t have a brand yet?  Well, that would be a great place to start.  What are you going to call your business?  What is important to your business?  Branding is something that every business needs to do in order to succeed.  A strong brand means that you have done the marketing of your brand properly.  But, first, you need a brand, name a logo.  You need to decide the color of your logo and the colors of your brand.

Once you have a brand and hopefully a location for your local business you can get started on deciding what you want your website to do.  Yes, there are many functions to a local business website design that need to be considered.  Are you going to sell products online as well as in your store?  Are you looking to book appointments?  Or maybe you want a call to action by a phone call.  There are also chatbots that can be installed as well as payment and shipping options should you have products. 

Just because your main company is something like a dential or medical practice doesn’t mean you can add e-commerce.  Maybe you have some specialized products to offer as well as your service.   Decide on what features you think you will need to get the design to look and function the way you want it to. 

Website designers are really creative!

Once you have decided on colors and maybe even a logo and functions you are ready to have your local business website designed for you.  This is an exciting time for many business owners! To help out your designer, you might want to take a look at others to see what look you might like.  Some people like large banners at the top, while others want their three largest selling products there.  There are many many ways to design a website and it really is up to you.  However, if you don’t really have a preference you can let your designer know that as well.  Many website designers are very creative and oftentimes, when left to their own abilities, make outstanding designs that the client couldn’t even think of.  

Local websites have taken over where the Yellowpages used to be.  Now, there are more ways to get your business in front of someone than there ever has been before.  It is easier for those starting out to reach their targeted market with various advertising methods.  You can build your brand with your social media accounts and speak to your clients and customers easier with email and posts.  There is a lot more interaction going on these days that will help you get to know your customers, patients, and clients.  This is important as you can study them and start to really get good at who you need to target.  There are also many things that can go into your local website design that can help you track this information as well.  

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