3 Reasons No One Is Using Your Mobile App

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using mobile appApps are easy, fast and convenient. More and more mobile users are turning to mobile apps over mobile websites. However, many businesses may see a large amount of installs but then notice that no one is opening or using their mobile app. Or worse, the see uninstalls increase.

If this has happened to you, you are not alone. Luckily, if app engagement is low, there are a few things you can look in your app to make the process easier and more engaging for your customers.

  1. Poor UX design and usability

Users do not spend much time on apps that are confusing or difficult to use. It’s essential that when you are building your app, you not only test for bugs but you also test to see how users engage with and use your app and why they do so. With a smaller screen and more distractions, great design and usability is essential for the success of your app. Bring in testers to test your app if you notice low usability.

2. Push notifications don’t do their job

App-nesia exists. People get excited, download an app and then never use it again. Carefully designed, worded and strategic push notifications are important for keeping users engaged. You need to ensure that your push notifications lead your users to valuable and quality content so that they want to keep receiving them. You also need to take into consideration when and how often you send push notifications to your users. There’s a fine line between annoying your users and updating them when important and valuable updates are available. Too many push notifications is one of the top reasons users uninstall apps.

3. Your app doesn’t deliver value

While mobile apps are very trendy these days and it seems like everyone is doing them, they are not like websites. You need to have a reason and deliver value. Consider how your app helps people and what it provides. What problem does it solve? Does it entertain your users? What is the reasoning behind creating the app. When you put in the time and effort to build an app, it’s important to ensure it provides value so users stick with it!

Interested in building a mobile app for your business? We specialize in beautiful and functional mobile apps!

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