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If you’re in business, it should come as no surprise that in order to stay in business you need to generate revenue and to do that you often need clients – which for some people creates a huge roadblock.  Where do I find clients, how do I get clients?

While the advice I have to share with you here may not be revolutionary, it’s been something that’s been tried and true proven method to work over and over again so if you’re willing to follow the steps, it’ll work for you too.

Step 1: Provide value for your current clients

That’s it – it’s just one step.  Do the right thing.

Here’s how it works – people are typically willing to pay you for a service or product if they feel the value of that product or service is of greater value than the money they have to exchange for it.  And if you continue to do this with people, provide them a high level of value, they’ll bring you more work, they’ll bring you friends and relatives, they’ll pass on the work that you do to the people around them.

I know if you’re like most people you’re probably looking for the easy win where you can sign up for some kind of marketing software and press a few buttons and it’ll spit out customers for you, and while things like learning the power of Facebook Ads are important and can help, ultimately nothing is more important than providing your customers as much value and service as humanly possible.

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