An Open Letter

An open letter regarding SEO


To whom it may concern;

SEO has recently become a dirty word, and for that I’d like to apologize.

If you’ve owned a business for more than 3 days, chances are pretty strong you’ve recently gotten emails, blog comments and cold calls from countless ‘experts’ promising to get your business in the top spot of organic search results and turn your business into an overnight success story.

I should know, we actually get them too.

So why has this been happening? It’s kind of our fault, please let me explain.

For many years, our team has built an exceptional reputation by helping business after business strengthen their brand presence and increase their online visibility by providing reliable and lasting results, without resorting to questionable tactics that expose our clients to penalties and risks.

The benefits of being on top of a search result were obvious, and so too was the business opportunity of trying to sell that ranking.  Unfortunately, this spawned a generation of instant experts looking to leverage the popularity of actual SEO into a way to make a quick sale, leaving many business owners left out of money, and some even out of business when these so called experts couldn’t execute on their promises.

What does this mean for the future of SEO? We’re staging a revolution, that’s what.

The only way to combat the negative stereotype that SEO has developed is to outpace it with a new perception, one that highlights the value and efficiency it delivers for business owners looking to be found, and one that underlines the importance of ethics and execution.

We’re doubling down on our efforts to provide value in this space, and deliver a level of service and results second to none, because it is our fundamental belief that when our clients succeed, we all succeed.

On behalf of our entire team, I would personally like to invite you to connect with us and speak with someone about what SEO really is at a fundamental level, how it actually works, and how it can be right for you.

There’s no commitment, no sales pitch, just a team of enthusiastic people ready to help you succeed.


Jim Sabellico


Our Promise To You


We price our services using industry standard methods, and offer performance based rates to ensure you always receive the absolute best value anywhere around.


We understand that our results are what keep you coming back, so we don’t lock you into any contracts, you’re free to leave anytime.


We provide an unbiased third party online dashboard so you can see everything we do, and how your website is performing.


Our unique data-driven approach allows us to provide you with reliable and lasting results, more efficiently than ever.

A History Of Results

Using a SEO centric marketing strategy brought tremendous exposure to our restaurant, and without question was the primary reason we were able to expand to a second location so quickly and know that we'd already have customers there.


The SEO strategy J. Louis built for us allowed us to decrease our ad budget by 40% at the same time we increased our revenues by 55%. Hands down best decision we've made in a long time.

TLC Auto & Truck

The exposure we got from having J.Louis do our SEO was enormous. We are growing our community faster than ever before and looking at new options to increase our SEO efforts.

J. Louis is a god send - they have helped us open up entirely new revenue streams by putting front and center of what our customers are looking for.

The Bun & Baker

When we launched, we had a great product but no users, so we came to J. Louis for help, and they delivered big time. Getting some traction from search results really helped us get users super efficiently.

Whisper Wake

Ready To Rank?

There’s no free ebook to download, no tricky sign up forms, no gimmicks, and most importantly no catch.

We’re here to help dispel the confusing sales tactics and get back to the basics to determine if SEO is the right approach for you to increase your brand exposure.

Simple as that.