The Brief

A small bistro opened by Chopped champion Chef Marc Bynum, Hush Bistro needed an online presence to match the bold and beautiful flavors customers would be able to experience in the dining room. As a bistro offering only locally sourced and in season meats and produce, providing customers a simple method of accessing the ever changing menu was crucial to the success of this project.

Our Approach

By pairing a dedicated mobile app with their website, our team was able to craft the perfect presence for Hush Bistro, allowing customers fast and simple access to the latest menu offerings as they’re updated. By using natural textures and colors, our creatives were able to construct the perfect platform to allow the food to speak for itself.

The Food Speaks

A clean, simplistic design for the website and mobile app provides an elegant foundation upon which the food and drink can be properly showcased.

Beautiful, Modern Design

Designed to sync perfectly with the ‘in-person’ experience of dining at Hush Bistro, the website and mobile app were crafted using natural textures and tones.

Available for iOS & Android

The Hush Bistro mobile app is available as a free download on both iOS and Android operating systems, allowing customers simple and fast access  to the latest menu offerings wherever they are, as soon as they’re updated.

The Details

Launch Date

September 2014


Mobile Apps

Web Design

Graphic Design