The Brief

If you’ve ever been to the Dentist’s office and had the Dr. ask you twenty questions while they have their hands in your mouth, then you know the struggle it can be trying to mumble your answers back and make sure you are clearly understood.  Our task was to design and develop a simple and intuitive mobile app which would allow for simple and concise communication between patient and Dentist without needing to speak or mumble.

Our Approach

By using simple multi-touch gestures to trigger clear audio and visual cues, our team was able to craft an intuitive user interface that allows users the ability to communicate clearly without having to utter a sound or look at their device to interact with it. One, two, and three finger taps are all that is needed to enable conversation.

Designed for ‘No-Look’ Use

Made for use while laying back in a dentist chair, the user interface had to be simple to use without looking, so we crafted a multi-touch experience that was simple to use without having to look at what you’re touching.

Accessibility For All

Using a combination of bright colors, text, and audio signals, Toothy was designed to be accessible for all users, especially those with sensory impairments.

Available for iOS & Android

Toothy is available as a free download on both iOS and Android operating systems, providing millions of users with the opportunity to make their next visit to their dentist’s office a little less stressful.


The Details

Launch Date

December 2013


Mobile Apps

Graphic Design

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