The Brief

Anyone who’s ever needed to set their alarm clock for early in the morning and slept in fear of also waking their partner when their alarm roars to life knows that it’s a terrible feeling – even more terrible than having to wake up early in the first place. The idea behind WhisperWake was to create a new type of alarm clock that would gently wake you in the morning without raising anyone else who didn’t have to wake up at that time.

Our Approach

In order to achieve this, our designers and developers crafted a unique new type of alarm clock that uses subtle vibrations paired with soft natural sounds that slowly increase volume to wake you, and only you when your alarm goes off in the morning. Our custom alarm clock software matched with a beautiful user interface, WhisperWake truly is the most beautiful way to wake.

Beautiful Design

Every element of WhisperWake was carefully put together to assemble a beautiful app full of soothing sounds, soft colors and subtle animations, all coming together to create a beautiful user experience.

Soothing Sounds

Using sounds captured directly from nature, WhisperWake offers a variety of soothing sounds to choose from to wake up to, as well as to fall asleep to if you like a little background noise.

One of a Kind Alarm

Using technology developed exclusively for WhisperWake, this alarm is the only one of it’s kind specifically designed to help you wake gently while your partner stays asleep.

The Details

Launch Date

July 2015


Mobile Apps

Graphic Design

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