Simple SEO Tips For Your Website

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simple seo tips

Google recently confirmed they had a major core ranking algorithm update which basically means there might be some changes in where your website ranks in searches. SEO or search engine marketing can be a confusing thing but it is essential to have some basic understanding of what will help your website get found online. After all, there is no benefit to a beautiful, functional and informative website if no one is able to find it! If one of your goals is to improve your website traffic, make sure you are following these tips!

Know your keywords and use Google’s keyword planner.

Understanding what people search for when it comes to your industry is crucial in helping to improving your website’s SEO. Think about the types of things that your visitors search for when it comes to your industry or niche. Google has a helpful keyword planner that allows you to see the type of keywords that get more searches. For example, do people search more for “pizza place” or “pizza restaurant”?

Optimize for mobile.

Google has made it clear they are focusing on mobile optimization and add text and labels to mobile search results to indicate they are “mobile friendly.” If you need help with a mobile website, we can help.

Optimize your images.

Use alt tags in your images and include your keywords. Google algorithms can’t “see” images so they don’t know the context but when you create alt tags they are able to read it and see that the images are related to your keywords.

Create consistent content.

Writing content that is helpful to your audience and will help you rank for keywords in your industry. Be careful not to just cram in keywords because Google will flag for you for that. Instead focus on writing informative articles related to your industry on a regular basis, like weekly or monthly.

Use links internally and externally.

Links from your website to other related websites or links from related websites to your website will play a role in helping your website rank in search engines because they establish credibility of your business. Consistently share the link to your website on social media channels and in your newsletters. Make sure your business is listed on relevant websites, such as chamber of commerce websites or local information websites. When relevant, share websites to other related websites and link to your own website internally in your content.

Be patient.

SEO is a long term strategy and results don’t occur overnight. Focus on consistently monitoring your SEO and make sure your website is always up to date and has fresh content and make adjustments on a regular basis to keep your website ranking in results!

If you are managing your own WordPress site, be sure to download our WordPress Manual here!

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