Why is SEO needed for my website?

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Once you have a website, you need SEO which means search engine optimization.  This is a service that helps get your website to rank in the search engines.  What this means is that you don’t just have a website out there somewhere in space.  It will actually be on page one where people are looking.  It is important to have this service done in order for people to find what you have to offer either in your area or nationally.  

Typically people don’t leave page one when they are looking for something.  You will need to know the keywords you are looking for.  If you hire an SEO agency, they can do keyword research, as they call it.  That is an important step in getting your SEO working for you. The idea here is to get your phone ringing and sales, right?  So, if you are targeting the wrong keyword phrase, then you won’t get the traffic you need.  Sometimes we all get stuck into thinking we know what people are typing into the search engines.  However, you’d be surprised at what the keyword research might tell you. 

Not all web developers are the same.

While you are getting your website developed, the developers should have done the On-Page SEO.  This is very important.  However, some designers are not aware of this.  So, when you get started with an SEO agency they may have to take some time upfront to get this portion squared away.  On-page SEO is what you have done on the website for SEO.  This can be things such as content, internal linking, and external linking.  Your images should be of a certain size and you should have a good page speed.  There are ways to optimize the images to help your rankings as well.  These are all things that should be done when you have your website designed. However, not all design agencies are keen on SEO.  

Once your ON-page is done then you will need to start branding.  Branding is getting your name out there to the public.  Things such as social media profiles and blogs should be done.  You should also get your website into as my directories that you can find.  Some directories are simply for certain niches and these are important to grab as well.  If you have any local directories in your area those would be perfect to get your information in.  Your branding should be consistent across the board.  Use your logo and your Name, Address, and Phone number on everything and be very consistent.  This phase is the off-page SEO which will include branding as well as link building.

Combine On-page and Off-Page SEO to get results

When the Onpage SEO and the off-page SEO strategies work together, you start to see some results.  SEO is not for those that are looking for results tomorrow.  You should be working with paid ads for immediate results.  However, ads can get really pricey, especially when the keyword research shows 100s of great keywords you could go after.  This allows you to dominate your space for any and all ways that people are doing to look for your particular product. 

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