9 Questions to Ask Your Web Designer

web designerA great web designer should be at the top of every business owner’s list if they don’t currently have a website or need an update to their website. Websites are your digital storefront and while there are many sites that boast simple set up and navigation, if you want a clean and polished look that has backend features to help you get found in search engines, you’ll want a great web designer. But it can be difficult to know what to look for in a web designer and how to ensure you’re getting a pro and not a rip off.

We compiled the nine questions you should ask your web designer before you begin to work to ensure they have your business’ best interest at heart.

  1. What are your experience or qualifications?

A good web designer will have a portfolio and a list of qualifications and education to justify their skills.

2. Do you provide domain name and web hosting services?

Some web designers (like us) offer web hosting packages. It’s important to find this out so you know if your website is set up for the long run.

3. Will I be able to edit content for the website myself? If so, will you be able to provide me with instructions? If not, what are the charges for updates and changes?

You will want to know if you can edit your website as your business grows and evolves. If not, you will need to have a back up idea in place for when your website needs changes. If you are able to edit the content, make sure your web designer provides instructions so you can easily make the changes.

4. What is your process for designing your site?

It’s important for you to know your designers process, their different stages and how often and when you will be shown mock ups or ideas. Every designer creates differently so being clear up front about your expectations and your process can save you stress down the road.

5. What is your process for final changes and do you offer support after launch?

There are usually some final changes tweaks, bug fixes and updates as the website gets ready to launch or has already launched. Find out how you will be able to make adjustments for these changes.

6. What do you need us to provide?

Web designers usually ask for logo, image files, copy, photos, color preferences etc. Some companies may provide imagery, logo design and photography. It’s always important to know what is required and when the designer needs it to complete the project.

7. How long will this project take?

Every website needs a turnaround time. If you have provided all of the information on what you would like and need, your designer will be able to give you an estimate for the project. To ensure your project moves along, be sure to respond quickly to questions and provide the materials that are requested.

8. Do you offer any SEO services or be able to help with making my site search engine friendly?

Many SEO tricks are on the backend. You need proper structure, coding and tags to help your site show up in rankings. Web designers don’t handle all of the aspects of SEO but it can’t hurt to see if they are familiar with what is needed on a basic level.

9. What is your fee structure?

There are many different ways to charge. Some designers charge per hour, some per page, some have additional charges for changes. You need to know what you will be expected to pay and ask for a clear proposal and explanation of all fees.

Remember this is your website and you must be in the know throughout the process! A seasoned, professional web designer will be able to provide answers to all the questions above and any others you might have.

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